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...through love and loss we find our fates...

The Story of Darkroom

Darkroom started as a dream that came to our Director, Greg Chapman in the middle of the night. The first thing he did was text his production partner Trevor McCann about the idea and it was immediately a hit.

The ideas just started flowing and before we knew it we had a basic script.

Trevor, luckily enough, has a long time friend named Taylor Haught that is a talented writer and might be interested in helping us write the script. Turns out she loved the idea and jumped right on-board!

Next came casting!

We needed some real talent to put in front of our cameras. We were deep in the casting process, accepting videos and submissions from random applicants, and not loving much of what we were seeing.

Thank fully for us this was during Covid and Hollywood was on a bit of a break, which left some very talented friends for Taylor's available to come help us shoot our movie!

Enter Chloe Berman and Caleb Hoffman.

Two very talented up and coming actors that brought a wealth of experience and talent to our movie. On top of having amazing on camera chemistry and acting skills, they helped with everything from multiple script re-writes to set design.

This movie was an amazing process and we couldn't be more proud of what was accomplished here.

Cheers from the team at Darkroom!

We hope you love our movie!

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